Who We Are

Humanitarian Global is an organization that has been at the forefront in offering excellent training to humanitarian professionals across the globe as well as supporting humanitarian and development work. All our training programmes are developed using a field-based training model that focuses on equipping humanitarian professionals with hands-on skills. These trainings are conducted online through a productive and resourceful online learning platform that connects students from various countries. This is followed by a close monitoring of the participant’s progress through formal and written evaluation as well as unlimited one-on-one interactions with facilitators. Furthermore, we organize Training Workshops, Webinars, and Virtual Summits that help link up humanitarian professionals across the globe. Let’s empower you, and we believe together, we will make the world a better place!!!

Our History

What We Do

Humanitarian Global is a training organization that focuses on the empowerment and skills improvement of humanitarian and development workers across the globe. We are committed to supporting both individual and organizational capacity building through our online training content. We have managed to train over 1500 professionals in the past 5 years through our online courses, training and workshops, webinars, virtual summits and capacity and team-building activities.

Through our global pool of experts, Humanitarian Global is able to create and advocate for result-oriented and data-driven policies as well as standards that aim at addressing sector-wide challenges. We also work with humanitarian and development organizations in offering bespoke solutions and assist them in achieving their development projects.

Humanitarian Global undertakes various community development projects to promote community development projects. This includes collaboration with the government and other organizations to steer humanitarian development activities. In addition, through our experts, we are able to investigate and explore humanitarian problems affecting modern society to offer bespoke solutions and advocate for best practices.

As we strive to empower humanitarians across the globe, Humanitarian Global provides a platform where humanitarian enthusiasts and professionals can showcase their humanitarian work and tell their stories to the world. Share your humanitarian work with us today via stories@humanitarianglobal.com and we will showcase it to the world.

Mode of Course Delivery

All our training courses are developed by experienced facilitators who have extensive field experience as well as proven ability to coach, mentor and support personnel in working environments. This helps in developing bespoke courses that combine both the classroom-based and field concepts in order to ensure that all participants develop skills that are deploy able in the real working environments. This is achieved through provision of an e-learning platform that has rich content and resources that ensure all educational needs of the participant are met. Additionally,through this platform, participants are able to interact with our skilled facilitators as well as other fellow participants hence leading to creation of an interactive e-learning ecosystem.

Mission, Vision & Goal

Our Mission

Provide all humanitarians across the globe with resources and opportunities that will help them acquire the practical skills needed to better their professional practice in the modern world.

Our Vision

Establish collaborative relationships with organizations and humanitarian professionals across the globe and empower them to deliver exemplary services that will make the world a better place.​

Our Goal

Our main goal is to provide a platform that supports learning and interaction to all humanitarian professionals across the world and empower them through quality training to create a global network​.

Core Values

Registration and Accreditation

Humanitarian Global is a registered organization that operates under the rules and regulations of Kenya where its headquarters reside. All of our training programmes take a field-based approach where we focus on imparting hands-on skills to all of our participants. Our programmes have been vetted by National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) while following HPass quality standards to meet the requirements for issuance of digital badges. 

1. National Industrial Training Authority (NITA)

The National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) is a state corporation in Kenya established under the Industrial Training (Amendment) Act of 2011. Its mandate is to promote the highest standards in the quality and efficiency of Industrial Training in Kenya and ensure an adequate supply of properly trained manpower at all levels in the industry. Humanitarian Global (HG) has been vetted and accredited by NITA ensuring that all training programmes have attained the required standards. This results in quality learning, credible assessment and certification that takes into consideration skills, knowledge, values and attitudes.

2. HPass

HPass is a new initiative focusing on professional development in the humanitarian sector. It is an online platform for humanitarian staff and volunteers, learning and assessment providers and employers. By adhering to their Quality Standards, we are able to deliver high-quality learning and benchmark our services against sector approved quality standards. This leads to the issuance of digital badges that enable recognition of skills, courses, achievements, competencies and frontline experience through professionally verified digital badges.

Why Choose Humanitarian Global

Result oriented.

Over 1550 students trained since 2015 and counting.

Top Experts

We have top facilitators in the humanitarian sector to deliver the best training to humanitarians.

Top Humanitarian Courses

We have top notch courses to offer that will help you build your capacity and enhance your career.

Interactive lessons

With one of the best e-learning platforms, students are able to undertake lessons at their own pace and comfort. Additionally, one gets to interact with the course facilitators and other participants leading to creation of an interactive e-learning ecosystem.

We connect you to resources and opportunities

Catering to a global market means, we definitely have made massive connections worldwide to help you out once you finish your course.



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