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As we focus on empowering humanitarians to steer the attainment of the SDGs through training, Humanitarian Global (HG) welcomes partnerships that contribute toward the fulfilment of this goal. Below is a list of some of the organizations we have partnered with in this endeavour.

These services are:

  • Digital badges enable recognition of skills, courses, achievements, competencies and frontline experience through professionally verified digital badges. HPass offers humanitarian employers and learning providers the ability to create and issue digital badges in recognition of staff and learners’ achievements. It offers humanitarians the ability to showcase their experience and expertise via an online profile on HPass. 
  • Quality standards support learning providers and humanitarian organizations to deliver high-quality learning and benchmark their services against sector-approved quality standards. The HPass Quality Standards were developed over two years in consultation with 400 organizations worldwide, and are available in three languages. The standards can be downloaded and used by anybody to support improved practice in their organizations. Organizations can also access tailored support to use the standards or apply for an external quality review in order to achieve HPass Certified status. 

HPass is a new initiative focusing on professional development in the humanitarian sector. It is an online platform for humanitarian staff and volunteers, learning and assessment providers and employers.

HPass responds to the need for consistent professional development and learning for humanitarians, who move frequently between organizations and locations and need their skills and experience to be recognized in order to be deployed quickly, especially during emergency response. 

Through this partnership, Humanitarian Global enjoys two key services which are currently offered through the HPass online platform.

Meskith, has empowered young and existing businesses to have a competitive advantage in current evolving market trends. Meskith creations has worked with Hotels, NGOs, Insurance Companies, Banks, Fashion Houses, Engineering Companies and also built start-up companies to known brands.

Meskith creations has uniquely placed themselves, through quality products enabling them to access the East African market. Meskith Creations believe that with a good identity, companies gain trust, and are obligated to deliver and maintain their brand by continuous quality products and services delivery. Meskith is a key player in changing the creative industry in the global market. We invest in a unique and creative way of doing business Meskith seeks to create opportunities for both companies and creatives/entrepreneurs also be part of the growth story by empowering them with the right tools for both their success and economic growth.

By partnering with Meskith, Humanitarian Global has been able to build its brand in the online space. Meskith Creations is a corporate, creative company launched in year 2017, Founded by Kinuthia James Kirumba from Kenya. Meskith Creations is one of a small group of Thousands of branding and marketing companies in Africa. Many of which are PanAfrican in their operations. Meskith Creations journey began with the view to Transform Creatives Industry and Fill the gap both local and international creative industries for creative identity that tell powerful, inspirational and visual stories that remain top of mind.

 How to partner with us.

Humanitarian Global Institute welcomes you to partner with us today to empower more humanitarian and development professionals across the globe. Partner with us today to make this dream a reality. To partner with us, kindly submit the following form.

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