Risks in Supply Chain Image

Risks in Supply Chain

Any risk that could have an adverse effect on the overall organization, the procedures used, the output of goods and services, or revenue is referred to as a supply chain risk. A company is only as strong as the supply network it relies on. Therefore, executives must be aware of and make an effort to […]

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A disaster risk reduction worker

Emerging Issues in Disaster Preparedness

The occurrence of any kind of disaster leads to devastating consequences and big changes result from big events. So, what significant events will follow, and how will they affect professionals working in emergency management, homeland security, and disaster preparedness more broadly? We recently addressed that query and the new trends we came up with are […]

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water purification method

Methods of Water Treatment

Since hydrogen and oxygen atoms are closely linked, water is known to be clean by nature. However, other substances including organic matter, minerals, chemicals, and man-made pollution must coexist alongside water supplies throughout the world. This results in a non-drinkable solution since it may include harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Fortunately, humankind has been […]

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12 key steps to an effective complaint and feedback mechanism

Feedback refers to positive or negative comments regarding the work of an organization and it may also contain recommendations for development. A subcategory of feedback called complaints expresses discontent with the work or behaviour of an organization (or its employees). Regardless of their size, context, or stakeholder groups, all organizations should have a basic complaints […]

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International Literacy Day 2022

What is Literacy? Literacy is the capacity to read, write, speak, and listen in a way that facilitates effective communication and contributes to our ability to make sense of the outside world. It goes without saying that it gives the person access to a world of opportunity. The COVID-19 pandemic has helped us understand how […]

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diet therapy in human nutrition

Diet Therapy

What is Diet Therapy? Diet therapy is a physiologically based method of following a doctor’s meal recommendations in order to enhance one’s health and wellbeing. It employs customized dietary regimens to: Treat or prevent a particular illness (such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases) Promote wellness generally. Cleanse the body (ie, neutralize or eliminate toxins from the […]

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Issues affecting quality of water in the world

Issues affecting the global quality of water

The health of people, the environment, agricultural businesses, and the recreational value of streams, wetlands, and coastal waters all depend on maintaining high water quality. Effective water management involves being aware of the environmental factors and human behaviours that affect water quality. State and territory governments, local councils or regional organizations like natural resource management […]

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