Professionals undertaking a Monitoring and Evaluation process

What are the 5 Stages of an Evaluation Process?

Conducting an evaluation requires a significant amount of planning. There is conceptualization before a resource document is read or a key informant is interviewed. What is the evaluation’s purpose? What are the questions we’re attempting to answer? What will we do with the results of the evaluation? These considerations come before any data collecting. The […]

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a laptop illustrating a charity exercise

How does one assess gender equality programming in the food security sector?

In order to ensure gender equality programming, sector actors need to remember crucial concerns and we have just the tool for that. This food security gender checklist serves as a starting point for project personnel to construct context-specific indicators to track progress in integrating gender concerns into humanitarian action. Analysis of gender differences A participatory […]

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humanitarians carrying banners

The Main Challenges Faced By Humanitarian Professionals In The Humanitarian Field

Are you a humanitarian or development professional? Let’s discuss the challenges that affect us all in the humanitarian profession. I’d like to discuss three distinct difficulties to humanitarian work that raise challenging considerations for those of us who operate in the field. Humanitarian principles are under attack Basic humanitarian ideals are under attack from all […]

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An area with severe drought

Afghanistan’s record levels of hunger persists

Humanitarian aid averted a disaster during the cold winter months, but hunger remains at epidemic levels across Afghanistan. According to the latest Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) analysis conducted in January and February 2022 by Food Security and Agriculture Cluster partners, including the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the United […]

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Procurment of goods

The main benefits of effective supply chain management

Now that we understand the differences between Procurement and Supply Chain Management, let’s look at the concrete benefits of successful supply chain management to your organization. Whatever your supply chain plan is, an effective management procedure will help you reach these goals. Develops better customer relationships hence customer satisfaction Several client-centric difficulties can arise as […]

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a person washing their hands to maintain hygiene

World Hand Hygiene Day 2022

World Hand Hygiene Day, observed every year on May 5, mobilizes people all over the world to improve hand hygiene in health care institutions, thereby protecting health care personnel and patients from illnesses. SAVE LIVES: CLEAN YOUR HANDS is a global initiative that began in 2009 and is commemorated every year on May 5th. People […]

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humanitarians offering help to victims

How is direct support provided to local humanitarian responders?

Direct donor support to local humanitarian rescuers might be hampered by a number of issues. Donors should instead explore aiding local humanitarian responders “as directly as possible” if these conditions cannot be accomplished. Here are 6 essential factors that influence the support provided to humanitarian responders; Donor analytical capacity Donors must guarantee that working directly […]

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Safety and Health At Work Day 2022

World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2022

The annual World Day for Workplace Safety and Health is commemorated on April 28th. The commemoration also falls on the same day as the global International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers. The World Day for Workplace Safety and Health promotes safe, healthy, and decent working conditions. Occupational accidents or diseases claim the lives […]

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