This course seeks to introduce media and journalism professionals to some of the basic concepts of disaster risk management (DRM), as it builds awareness of the role of media and journalism at all stages of the disaster cycle- before, during and after a disaster.

It also seeks to draw on the experiences of regional media and journalism professionals, who have reported from disaster zones, to prepare participants for the realities of disaster reporting in the field better.

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Comprehensive Emergency Management (CEM) for Humanitarian and Development Professionals Training Workshop

This course presents the basic theories, principles, and approaches to comprehensive emergency management. The main purpose is to introduce participants to the discipline of emergency management, and to familiarize them with fundamental concepts, methods, and issues in mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.
The training aims to equip participants with practical skills and knowledge that would enable them to coordinate, control and command effectively and efficiently any emergencies and disasters within their jurisdiction or when called upon to support other jurisdictions in the event of a disaster.

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Disaster Preparedness & Response Planning Training Workshop

Disaster preparedness and response planning is a continuous and consolidated process that entails measures to be undertaken by international, regional, national and local stakeholders as well as households and individuals to prepare for and reduce the effects of disasters.

This course aims to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of participants to prepare their jurisdictions (countries, organizations, communities and households) ahead of disaster to reduce disaster losses in; lives, livelihoods, health, and the economic, physical, social, cultural and environmental assets through having a deliberate plan to respond to a disaster when it strikes.

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Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) Training Workshop

An Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) provide communities, agencies or organizations with a model to effectively build capacity for site-level support and consequence management in response to large or complex incidents.

This EOC training will help you to develop knowledge, skills and a variety of strategies, techniques and tools needed in an EOC to help reduce risk and enhance resiliency in response to emergencies or disasters.

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This course aims to promote effective Emergency response by Familiarizing the participants with the Incident Command System (ICS) as a field system for responding to both planned and unplanned events and incidents by providing a common language for all emergency responders.

This course will therefore prepare you and your organization to coordinate with other response partners from all levels of government and the private sector by providing an organizational structure that allows all to meld together rapidly in response to the requirements of the unfolding emergencies.

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Shielding Societies - Social Protection, Climate Adaptation, and Flourishing Livelihoods

Shielding Societies – Social Protection, Climate Adaptation, and Flourishing Livelihoods Training Workshop

“Shielding Societies” is a dynamic course tailored for social workers, humanitarians, climate, and community development experts seeking to enrich their expertise in creating resilient and thriving communities. This transformative course explores the synergies between social protection, climate adaptation, and flourishing livelihoods, offering a comprehensive understanding of how these elements converge to safeguard societies in the face of challenges.

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Resilient Horizons – Mastering Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Resilience Training Workshop

“Resilient Horizons” is an immersive training course designed to empower participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in disaster risk reduction and climate resilience.

Through a dynamic blend of theoretical insights, case studies, and interactive exercises, this course aims to equip individuals with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of disaster management in the context of a changing climate.

At the heart of this course lies the promise of empowerment. We go beyond theory, arming you with the skills to strategically plan for disasters, create resilient communities, and apply knowledge in dynamic scenarios. Join us on this empowering journey where theoretical expertise meets practical proficiency, and where your newfound capabilities become a catalyst for positive change.

Prepare to unlock your potential, seize opportunities, and lead the way in mastering disaster risk reduction and climate resilience. Your transformative experience starts with ‘Resilient Horizons’—where knowledge meets action, and resilience becomes second nature.”

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