Meskith Creations 

Meskith Creations journey began with the view to Transform Creatives Industry and to fill the gap (Identity/Brand) both in local and international creative industries for creative identity that tell powerful, inspirational and visual stories. Our work encompasses graphics and identity, web development, E-Commerce and digital experiences, Brand development, advertising and communications, exhibitions and workshops, videos and animation. We have over 5 years of experience working across a broad range of sectors including; Corporate, fashion, hospitality, retail and the arts. We have inquisitive minds and believe in research and imagery strategy and emphasis on detail. Our approach to projects is collaborative– we listen and work closely with our clients to transform beautiful dreams into reality which brings uniquity.

Our Vision

To be world-class creators, who nurture and bring beautiful dreams into reality.

Our Mission

Create brands that fulfill dreams inspired by innovation, creativity and wholeness.

Our Values

Originality, Integrity, Punctuality, Decency and Prayers.

Role of Humanitarian Global (HG)

“Good online courses especially in the humanitarian niche are hard to come by. When my colleague recommended Humanitarian Global, I decided to enroll and begin a course in Monitoring and Evaluation. It was nice and I loved their e-learning platform and gained crucial skills that have been vital in running Meskith Creations. I also Did some networking too with fellow participants and those connections have been valuable. Thank you Humanitarian Global.”

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