Human Nutrition & Dietetics Webinars Series

Human Nutrition & Dietetics Webinars Series Episode 1 – Nutrition Assessment


Key Speaker: Annette Mambo Moderator: Eric Githinji


Nutrition Assessment is very important in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics. It is the basis for the nutrition care process that is applied by all professional nutritionists/dieticians in the clinical and community set-ups. Nutrition assessments help the nutrition professionals, to provide solutions to health problems that are nutrition-related to individuals, groups and populations. This unit will familiarize the trainees with the appropriate ways that nutritionists carry out Nutrition assessments. Nutrition assessment facilitates the collection of appropriate data from individuals, subgroups, or populations. This data is then interpreted in order to come up with a diagnosis (problem).

In coming up with the nutrition diagnosis, nutrition solutions are specifically tailored to solve the nutrition-problem related (Nutrition interventions). Nutrition interventions are implemented and monitored until the nutrition problems are solved successfully. Clearly, Nutrition Assessment is of paramount importance as it is a crucial step in the Nutrition care process as it gives direction to the whole process. Nutritionists cannot afford to make mistakes in Nutrition Assessment as it will influence negatively the rest of the decisions made in the care process, which will consequently negatively affect the health of the beneficiaries.

The unit will explore the use of Anthropometric, Biochemical, Clinical and Dietary methods (ABCD methods) that assist the health providers to collect and interpret data. Once a practitioner acquires the knowledge and skills of nutrition assessment, they are able to practice in many areas in the nutrition and dietetics field.

Topic: Nutrition Assessment ( What is Nutrition Assessment, Importance, How to Collect Data, Nutrition Interventions, Abcd methods and much more)

Presentation Slides: https://bit.ly/3vSkmAc

Recorded Webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68rfrbcKgNo&t=3073s



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