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Personal Development

Learn the fundamental frameworks and strategies for self-improvement, personal growth, and goal setting. Go from novice to the pinnacle of your professional career by relying on the hands-on skills provided by our experts. We major in providing personal development packages such as: 

    1. Personal Development Courses
    2. Coaching and Mentoring
    3. Professional Resume Writing/Review
    4. Personal Tutoring
    5. Career Consultation/Counselling

Personal Development Courses
Streamline Your Skills, Advance Your Career.
Sharpen your skills, and gain the necessary knowledge required to maneuver the organizational/corporate setting as you advance your career as a professional. We help you get there through our carefully customized short personal development courses. Our personal development courses are ideal for you if you want to quickly learn how to leverage your skills for career advancement. Begin today.

Coaching and Mentoring
Specialist Training To Help You Unlock Your Potential
Coaching and mentoring your employees helps them improve and increase efficiency tremendously. It is one of the best ways for helping you or your staff learn new skills or enhance their current skill set. Whether you are a senior employee or you just began in a junior role, coaching and mentoring will definitely be resourceful in advancing your career.

Professional Resume Writing/Review
Get Noticed Faster, Get Hired Quick, Advance Your Career.
They say looking for a job is a “job” by itself. Many have the required qualifications but few get invited for interviews. Even a further few get the job. 

Look, we understand, that it is hard to get noticed in this era where everyone has credentials to back them up. Writing a resume that stands out is time-consuming and many do not know what employers are looking out for. Don’t stress, let the professionals do it for you.

Our trained writers will customize your resume, pay attention to details and ensure that you have all it takes to start landing high-profile interviews. Start by getting a FREE resume critique session with us.

Personal Tutoring
Get one on one sessions with our trainers to help you advance your career
Learning new skills as a group can sometimes be ineffective in gaining the necessary skills or understanding difficult concepts. That’s why as Humanitarian Global, we came up with a one on one tutoring sessions that might help you understand difficult concepts that you are struggling to understand. Our tutors will hold your hand, and provide consistent guidance and support throughout your studies to ensure you are advancing your career. Talk to us today.

Career Consultation and Counselling
Talk to the experts.
Sometimes everyone needs an expert to guide them on the correct choice of career and how to maneuver the job industry. Our professionals give you expert advice regarding training, employment options, career progression to professionals and career changers. Start by booking a session with us today.

Course Testimonials

Abdirahman Madi – Somalia

It was very interesting training and I look forward to advancing my career.

Abdirahman Madi – Somalia

Dr. Zakaria Dahir – Somaliland

This training has really been important for me and I appreciate the kind of facilitation that you offer. Thanks for giving us these educational opportunities to improve our knowledge and skills.

MEAL Manager

Tom Ngong Geng – South Sudan

We are loving Humanitarian Global Institute.

Tom Ngong Geng

Gatbel Chot – South Sudan

Thank you so much for your relentless guidance and advice throughout this process and to ensure I have understood the course matter and developed my career. Once again, thank you for the gift of a T-shirt. 


Gatbel Chot – South Sudan

Abdirisack Hassan – Somalia

This is the best college. I learn MEAL and now I’m harvesting the fruits.

Abdirisack Hassan – Somalia

Hussein Kadid – Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), Kenya

The course is easy and understandable with a lot of field-based research and training materials. The lecturers are friendly and available. The course period is sufficient and flexible.

Hussein Kadid – Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), Kenya

Faisal Ismail Bushara – Sudan

Greetings and hope you are well, thanks so much to you and your team in the academic for your efforts towards students. I’m so proud to join your Academic and the way your team helps the students learn. I will join the upcoming academic programs.

Faisal Ismail Bushara – Sudan
Upcoming Events

Register for our Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Workshop to get to learn more about “Health in Emergencies”.
Register for our Procurement and Supply Chain Management Workshop to get to learn more about “Understanding Supply Chain Risks and How to Manage them”.

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