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Humanitarian Global Institute Frequently Asked Questions Eligibility, enrollment, and registration.


You can easily enroll for our courses by filling an online registration form here and more details regarding the registration process will be sent to your email. Among the shared details will include a registration form that you are required to fill and send it back to us via admissions@humanitarianglobal.com. The submitted application will be reviewed and if approved, an invoice will be generated and sent to your email. After settling your tuition fees, you will be invited to an orientation process to have you placed to our e-learning platform ready to commence your training. 

After registration which can either be online or offline, your application will be reviewed and once it is approved an invoice bearing the amount of fee you are required to pay is sent to you. After payment, you will be enrolled to our e-learning platform and given a log in ID that you will use to access the course materials.

Feel free to seek any assistance via our Chat Widget, writing us an email via info@humanitarianglobal.com, text us on WhatsApp (+254 796 665 105) or request for a zoom session here and our team will respond as fast as possible to assist you.


Learning will be conducted via an e-learning platform whereby a facilitator may include pre-recorded lectures, videos, downloadable pdf’s, PowerPoint/excel/word presentations, interactive chats etc. Kindly check out this video to understand how our online training programmes are conducted.

You can be able to ask questions via our interactive and live discussion forums on the e-learning platform and get assistance from other participant or facilitators who are also present in those forums. Additionally, you can book an appointment to meet the course facilitator in a one-on-one session for further guidance and assistance.

Humanitarian Global Institute focuses on giving humanitarian professionals and development professionals an access to field-based skills which
are important in solving humanitarian crises across the world. Find all the courses we offer here. Among the top humanitarian courses that we offer include:

1. Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) 

2. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

3. Disaster Risk Reduction & Management (DRRM)

4. Food Security & Nutrition in Emergencies 

5. Supply Chain and Procurement Management 

6. Human Nutrition and Dietetics 

7. Maternal and Infant Young Child Nutrition (MIYCN)

Our training programmes take the following learning durations:
– Certificate level – 3 Months
– Diploma level – 6 Months
– Post Graduate Diploma level – 12 Months

We have free material readily available for you. Check out some of our past webinars here on the topics you’d like to learn about with Humanitarian Global Institute.

Humanitarian Global Institute is an online training institute based in Nairobi, Kenya. We conduct humanitarian related online trainings which are made available to all participants globally.

Office Address: Valley View Park, Parklands, Nairobi, Kenya.

You can offer support to our organization by supporting capacity development of humanitarians by donating or partnering with us. The donated funds will be used to offer training to more professionals across the globe. You can also be part of us by registering as a trainer here or sharing your humanitarian stories with us here for publishing.

Humanitarian Global is a registered organization that operates under the rules and regulations of Kenya where its headquarters reside. All of our training programmes take a field-based approach where we focus on imparting hands-on skills to all of our participants. Our programmes have been vetted by National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) while following HPass quality standards to meet the requirements for issuance of digital badges. 

Requirements, Fee and Payment

For certificate level training, the opportunity is open to all applicants. Diploma level training programmes require a minimum of a high school education certificate or an equivalent based on your country’s education system and prerequisite knowledge in the study area. Lastly, for the Post Graduate Level training programmes,
a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or a diploma in the related field is required. All programmes require English proficiency. 

All our certificate programmes cost $500, diploma programmes cost $1000 and advanced /Postgraduate diploma programmes cost $1500. The cost of our mini courses and events vary and you can refer to specific tabs for updated information. 

We have both online and offline modes of payment. Some of the modes of payment include Bank Transfer (ABSA Bank/Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)), PayPal, Card Payment, Mobile Money Transfer (M-Pesa) & Money Remittance Services which includes: Western Union, MoneyGram, Dahabshiil, Taaj among others.

We currently do not sponsor students. However, if you are facing financial difficulties in raising the tuition fees you can send us an email (info@humanitarianglobal.com) and our team will help you get an admission letter that you can use in seeking funds from your employer or securing help from other sponsors. 

You are awarded a certificate after a successful completion of a course, training or any of events attended. The certificate is beneficial towards furthering your career in your industry. You will also unlock your HG Digital badge which enable global recognition of skills, courses, competencies, achievements attained and this information is verifiable online from any part of the globe. 

After completing, a student is given a certified certificate, transcript as well as a HG Digital Badge which are accessible online. The institution can also send a hard copy of the certificate and transcript via courier services e.g., DHL at the cost of the participant. 



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