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Tendering, Procurement & Negotiation Skills Training Workshop

The Tendering, procurement and Negotiation Skills Training offers participants an enabling environment to learn how different tendering processes occur depending on the stipulated acts per organization or country. This course will give the learners an understanding of the different negotiation skills and how to implement them effectively in a contract agreement. This training course will provide participants with the practical skillsets required to apply effective negotiation techniques to change make decisive decisions and improve the procurement process.  

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Online via Live Zoom Classes

1 Week

HG Training Center, Nairobi, Kenya

3 Days

Course Objectives
  1. Participants will understand the elements of a good and effective tendering process

  1. Participants will learn processes to manage an effective bid and responses within an organization

  1. Participants will have an improved understanding of negotiation strategies and channels that
    facilitate the effective procurement process

  2. Participants will be able to conduct effective procurement processes dependent on the relevant acts and practices stipulated by different functions.

Training Programme

Module 1: Introduction To Procurement
1.1 The Environment of Purchasing and Supply Management

1.2 Importance of Procurement Management

1.3 Terms and Concepts of Procurement

1.4 Enablers of Procurement Management

Module 2: Tendering Process

2.1 Definitions in Tendering

2.2 Types of Tenders

2.3 The Tendering Process

2.4 Tendering Documents, Preparation of Tenders and submission of Tenders

2.5 E-Tendering

Module 3: Effective Bid and Response

3.1 Managing an Effective Bid and Response

3.2 Bid Plan

3.3 Understanding the Competition and Formation of the Bid Team

3.4 Writing the Bid and the Proposal Structure

3.5 Controlling and Monitoring the Bid Process

Module 4: Negotiation process

4.1 What is Negotiation

4.2 Negotiation Strategies

4.3 Approaches to documenting negotiation outcomes and next steps

4.4 Understanding alternatives to reaching agreements

4.5 Common mistakes to avoid when negotiating deals

4.6 How to effectively negotiate deals in the Procurement environment

Participants will be issued Digital Certification after successful completion of the training.

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