World Science Day for Peace and Development 2021

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World Science Day for Peace and Development 2021

From the plants in the universe to the electric gadgets we have, Science is everywhere. Celebrated on 10th November of every year, World Science Day for Peace and Development acknowledges the important role that science plays in society and its relevance in our day-to-day activities. It also highlights the need for engaging in debates regarding emerging scientific issues. It offers everyone a chance to engage in scientific activities and debates revolving around science.

This special day was declared in 2001 by UNESCO and it commemorates an occasion to mobilize actors- from officials in the government to the media to pupils in schools, around the context of science for peace and development. Linking science with society makes it accessible to everyone and helps us all understand the remarkable planet we live on. This helps promote the sustainability of our societies.  Since its proclamation in 2001, World Science Day for Peace and Development has created many concrete programs, projects, and funding for science globally. The Day has also helped enhance cooperation between scientists residing in conflict-wracked regions, such as the Israeli-Palestinian Science Organization (IPSO), which is supported by UNESCO.

The Theme of World Science Day for Peace and Development 2021

With the issue of climate change seriously threatening billions of lives on the planet, the theme for this year’s World Science Day for Peace and Development celebration will focus on “building climate-ready communities”. By closely linking science with society, World Science Day for Peace and Development ensures that citizens globally are informed of the developments in science. It also acknowledges the role of scientists in making our societies more sustainable.

Significance of World Science Day for Peace and Development

·         It promotes the global accessibility of scientific literacy.
·         It promotes peace and sustainable development.
·         It unites on a single platform, scientists and inventors.
·         It promotes public awareness of the role science plays in promoting sustainable, peaceful societies.
·         It promotes joint national and international unity for shared science.
·         It renews national and international dedication to using science to benefit societies.
·         It draws attention to the issues facing science and raises support for the scientific endeavor.

Science is a human right and therefore, everyone has the right to get involved in it and benefit from it. We must all find ways in which we can improve access to science and its benefits for sustainable development. You and your organization can participate in celebrating this Day with some special actions or events by;

1. Spreading the word

  • Raise awareness about World Science Day for Peace and Development in your organization or in your town or local community, through municipal government channels.
  • Write articles to the media regarding the significance of science for sustainable societies.

 2. Organizing an event

  • Organize an open day to highlight the relevance of science for peace and development.
  • Organize discussions to emphasize how science touches our daily lives.
  • Conferences and forums.
  • A science museum visit.

3.Connecting and networking

  •  Visit schools in your locality to speak about the careers science offers and deliver scientific presentations to young students.
  • Invite university faculty, schools, and community organizations to celebrate the Day.

To celebrate the 20th edition of World Science Day for Peace and Development, UNESCO and its partners and scientific communities have a series of activities at their headquarters and in field offices in developing countries. The objective is to showcase the work UNESCO and some of its key partners have done to design solutions to some of the issues faced by human communities in adapting to climate change. Science is that magical wand we need to make anything and everything possible. Happy World Science Day for Peace and Development to you!


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