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Haiti 2021 Earthquake Updates

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When it comes to natural disasters, Haiti is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world. Being the poorest in the western hemisphere, Haiti continues to suffer from food insecurity, political instability, gang violence, and a rise in new COVID-19 cases. Having barely recovered from the powerful magnitude 7 earthquake that hit Port-au-Prince in January 2010 causing more than 200,000 fatalities, a two decimal points bigger in magnitude earthquake rocked the country’s city of Les Cayes. The August 14 earthquake is the latest setback for Haiti, which has left 12,268 people injured and at least 130,000 houses destroyed. After the earthquake brought down entire towns and overwhelmed hospitals with casualties, thousands of Haitians dug through rubble looking for shelter and loved ones. However, barely two days after the magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck, Tropical Storm Grace hit Haiti on August 17, pouring heavy rains of misery on the survivors of the quake. Flash floods and landslides caused by the storm continue to complicate relief efforts, leaving the infrastructure heavily compromised. The death toll as of August 18 was 2,189, which has risen to 2,207, with more than 300 people still missing in the rubble, according to Haitian Civil Protection. Rescue workers continue to search for survivors, as hospitals- already full, treat patients on corridors. The EU Civil Protection Team is supporting the authorities on the ground and facilitating the
coordination of the EU assistance which consists of medical equipment, medicines, family tents, water purification plants, and off-shore vessels for sea transport.

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