Donor Mapping and Proposal Writing Training

Donor Mapping and Proposal Writing Training Workshop

This workshop is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge required for effective donor mapping and proposal writing in the context of fundraising and project development. The training will cover the entire process, from identifying potential donors to crafting compelling proposals, providing participants with practical tools and strategies to enhance their success in securing funding for their projects.

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HG Training Center, Nairobi, Kenya

5 Days

Online via Live Zoom Classes

2 weeks

Course Objectives
1. Understand the principles and importance of donor mapping in the context of fundraising. 
2. Develop the skills to identify and analyze potential donors, including institutional, corporate, and individual donors. 
3. Gain proficiency in crafting persuasive and well-structured project proposals. 
4. Learn to tailor proposals to the specific requirements and preferences of different donors. 
5. Acquire practical knowledge on effective communication and relationship-building with donors.
Training Programme
Module 1: Introduction to Donor Mapping 
     ∙Sub-topic 1: Overview of Fundraising and Donor Engagement 
     ∙Sub-topic 2: Importance of Donor Mapping in Project Development 
     ∙Sub-topic 3: Types of Donors and Their Characteristics 
Module 2: Tools and Techniques for Donor Mapping 
   ∙Sub-topic 1: Research Methods for Identifying Potential Donors 
   ∙Sub-topic 2: Utilizing Technology in Donor Mapping 
   ∙Sub-topic 3: Data Analysis for Targeting Donors 
Module 3: Proposal Writing Fundamentals 
  ∙Sub-topic 1: Structure and Components of a Proposal 
  ∙Sub-topic 2: Understanding Donor Requirements and Guidelines 
  ∙Sub-topic 3: Setting Clear and Measurable Objectives in Proposals 
   ∙Sub-topic 1: Writing Compelling Project Descriptions 
   ∙Sub-topic 2: Developing Realistic Budgets and Financial Plans 
   ∙Sub-topic 3: Incorporating Impact Assessment and Sustainability in Proposals 
Module 5: Tailoring Proposals to Different Donors 
  ∙Sub-topic 1: Adapting Proposals for Institutional Donors 
  ∙Sub-topic 2: Customizing Proposals for Corporate Donors 
  ∙Sub-topic 3: Approaching Individual Donors – Strategies and Tips 
Module 6: Communication and Relationship Building with Donors 
  ∙Sub-topic 1: Effective Communication Strategies in Fundraising 
  ∙Sub-topic 2: Building and Maintaining Positive Relationships with Donors 
  ∙Sub-topic 3: Addressing Donor Concerns and Feedback 
Participants will be issued Digital Certification after successful completion of the training.


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