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WASH Financing & Governance Training Workshop

The WASH Financing and Governance Training Workshop is a comprehensive program aimed at professionals and individuals seeking an in-depth understanding of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) financing and governance. Delivered by industry experts and utilizing cutting-edge resources, this training goes beyond the basics to explore intricacies in WASH policies framework, WASH systems strengthening, and WASH financing and processes.

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Online via Live Zoom Classes

2 Weeks

HG Training Center, Nairobi, Kenya

5 Days

Course Objectives
  • Acquire a deep understanding of the regulatory and policy landscape in WASH.
  • Develop skills to analyze and formulate effective WASH policies.
  • Gain insights into the components of a robust WASH system and strategies for strengthening it.
  • Understand the role of technology, innovation, and community engagement in sustainable WASH systems.
  • Explore diverse financing models for WASH projects, along with financial structures and mechanisms.
  • Analyze challenges in WASH financing and develop innovative solutions.
Training Programme

Module 1: Foundations of WASH Governance

  • Overview of WASH principles and governance structures.
  • Global perspectives on WASH challenges and opportunities.
  • Role of governance in achieving sustainable WASH outcomes.

Module 2: WASH Policies Framework

  • In-depth analysis of regulatory frameworks in WASH.
  • Policy development and implementation strategies.
  • Case studies and best practices in successful WASH policy initiatives.

Module 3: Advancing WASH Systems Strengthening

  •  Components of a resilient WASH system.
  •  Technological advancements and innovations in WASH.
  •  Community-driven approaches for sustainable WASH systems.

Module 4: Innovations in WASH Financing

  • Exploration of advanced financing models for WASH projects.
  • Financial structures and mechanisms for long-term sustainability.
  • Addressing financial challenges and fostering partnerships for WASH.

Module 5: Integrated Approaches in WASH Governance

  • Interplay between policies, systems strengthening, and financing.
  • Developing comprehensive strategies for effective WASH governance.
  • Case studies on successful integrated WASH initiatives.

Module 6: Future Trends and Challenges in WASH

  • Anticipating and addressing emerging trends in WASH governance.
  • Addressing future challenges through proactive governance and strategic planning.
  • Group discussions on futuristic WASH scenarios.
Participants will be issued Digital Certification after successful completion of the training.


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