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World Pulses Day 2022

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What are pulses?

Pulses are edible seeds harvested from leguminous plants that are used for food and feed. The most common and consumed pulses include beans (Phaseolus and Vigna), chickpeas, peas, lentils, among others, all of which have significant benefits for food security, nutrition, health, climate change, and biodiversity. Pulses make up a big part of our regular diet and are consumed in a variety of ways around the world. Every year on February 10th, the United Nations commemorates World Pulses Day, which has been commemorated since 2009. Keep reading to learn more about World Pulses Day.

World Pulses Day: Its History and Importance

In the year 2013, the United Nations realized the importance of crops. With their resolution A/RES/68/231, they announced 2016 to be the International Year of Pulses. Then, in 2019, they decided to devote the day to pulses in order to raise awareness and provide global access to World Pulses Day. By 2050, the United Nations intends to increase the amount of pulses grown.

Pulses are high in protein and are an important part of a balanced diet. They are essential for maintaining your health and weight. Legume crops aid in the expansion of the agricultural production system’s viability. As we’ve mentioned, they are also important in food security, deteriorated health, and climate change. ‘Nutritional Seeds for a Sustainable Future’ was the chosen theme for the year 2016. Every year, the United Nations chooses the year’s theme.

The Theme of World Pulses Day 2022

The theme of World Pulses Day 2022, according to the United Nations, is ‘Pulses to empower youth in attaining sustainable agri-food systems.’ This theme focuses on testimonies and viewpoints from representatives of youth organizations. Pulses, according to the United Nations, help to create livelihood possibilities and equity, both of which are critical for long-term agri-food systems. Pulses also employ women from rural areas and youth in the farming and industrial industries.

Pulses help to create economic, social, and environmental opportunities for agri-food systems that are sustainable. However, in order for pulse-driven agriculture to be adopted successfully, young people must be at the center of any strategy. Youth can serve as a link between traditional farming ways and contemporary technologies, assisting in the development of more sustainable and nutritionally conscious agriculture. They can also offer value to pulse promotion by highlighting new commercial prospects throughout the value chain.

This year’s celebration, themed Pulses to Empower Youth in Achieving Sustainable Agri-food Systems,” will highlight the critical role that young people play in building a better future for food, and will feature testimonies and opinions from members of youth organizations. This event offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to raise public awareness about pulses and the critical role they play in the transition to MORE efficient, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable agri-food systems for better production, nutrition, the environment, and a better life for all, with no one left behind. We wish you a Happy World Pulses Day!

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