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World Food Safety Day 2022

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Every year on June 7th, World Food Safety Day is marked to raise awareness and motivate action to help prevent, detect, and control foodborne risks. We are all food consumers who want to know that the food we eat is safe. Why?

Foodborne illnesses can range in severity from mild to severe, and they can even be fatal. They contribute to school and work absenteeism and lower productivity from a social standpoint. We can avoid foodborne diseases and increase productivity if we work together to adopt excellent food safety procedures into our daily lives. Everyone has a role to play in food safety, whether you grow, process, transport, store, sell, buy, prepare, or serve food.

The History of World Food Safety Day

World Food Safety Day was established by the United Nations in 2018 to increase awareness about food safety. Every year, we witness an increase in the number of World Food Safety Day projects that assist raise public awareness about food safety, which is a fantastic achievement.

Foodborne illnesses, such as delayed growth and development, nutritional deficiencies, non-communicable and communicable diseases, and mental illness, are all linked to unsafe foods. Foodborne diseases impact one out of every ten persons in the world annually. The good news is that the majority of foodborne illnesses can be avoided.

The Theme of World Food Safety Day 2022

Today, the World Health Organization (WHO) announces the topic for this year’s World Food Safety Day, “Safer food, better health,” and launches a campaign to encourage global involvement. The focus of the theme is on the importance of safe, nutritious food in maintaining human health. Human health and well-being are dependent on safe food. We can only completely benefit from the nutritious worth of food, as well as the mental and social benefits of sharing a safe meal when it is safe. One of the most important pillars of good health is the availability of safe food.

The Significance of World Food Safety Day.

World Food Safety Day strives to reform food systems in order to provide better health and prevent foodborne infections in the long run. This day also presents an opportunity to bolster efforts to safeguard the safety of the food we eat and minimize the global burden of foodborne illnesses. Infectious and toxic dangers, microbiological pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and parasites), chemical residues, biotoxins, and other unpleasant or harmful substances can all be prevented by our behavior, the way we create food systems, and the way we manage food supply chains.

We must alter food systems in order to improve health, and we must do so in a long-term manner. To enhance health outcomes, policymakers, practitioners, and investors in the food system should refocus their efforts to boost the sustainable production and consumption of safe foods. Applicable agricultural, food, trade, and industrial development policies must support food safety to make safe and healthy diets accessible to all. Safer food is a vital enabler of long-term human growth and a prerequisite for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals as a result of systemic improvements for better health (SDGs). Happy World Food Safety Day!


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